Stylish weekend at Cosmopolitan

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Ever since I started watch Claire Marshall or Anna and Jesse vlogs, Vegas become one of the most wanted vacantion destinations in my wishlist. So today I will try to go on a imagined trip there.
To try as many things as possible of the American dream I will choose to stay in Vegas at the Cosmopolitan,a New York  like stylish resort on the Strip. It’s all about glamor and style on Vegas,no?
I already made accomodation, a nice beauty sleep in my huge bed and I'm relaxing a bit on the terrace with a fresh orange juice.
After my beauty ritual I am ready to brunch with my hubby and Wicked Spoon sounds very nice. Wicked it's not like any other typical buffet and it feels like an elegant restaurant with a zen atmosphere.It  is modernly decorated in warm browns, golds and oranges. A such stylish place inspired me to choose a modern outfit perfect to feel relaxed and stylish.

Brunch at Wicked Spoon 

With all of the amazing food choices at the Wicked Spoon I succeed to save place for a lava cake, my favorite.
After such a delight I lounge all day long at the pool, treating myself with fresh fruits and juices for a nice tan.

Afternoon nap will give me inspiration for an evening outfit and I'm off to dinner at Estiatorio Milos. My favorite place to enjoy dinner is on the patio, a gorgeous setting with vine-covered white lattice, olive trees and flowers. At this restaurant you can serve Mediterranean seafood and authentic Greek made and serve with simple elegance.

Dinner at Estiatorio Milos

I am not a gambler but I'm willing to bet that our visit to Marquee will be something to remember. Once we will get through the second floor and up the elevator to the 17th floor, we will see the bar. There are three different rooms and three different musical genres played in each of them. But Marquee is more than just music. So it’s my outfit for tonight.

Marquee Club outfit

After this imaginary trip to Vegas all I can hope is that Santa is reading my blog and will make me such a big surprise as to visit for the first time Vegas.

Pretty, pretty please Santa!


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